About me

Digital Marketer and Application Developer
with 15+ years of experience.

Career Summary

  • Experienced Digital Marketing Manager with web development skills and extensive experience creating, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns and building digital marketing products (analytics and leads dashboards).
    Has experience in both agency and in-house working environments with hands on experience in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing.
  • Led ad operations, digital marketing and web development teams to create complete solutions for clients starting from landing pages / web sites, ad campaigns and web analytics for their digital marketing campaigns.
  • Gained managerial experience in developing and promoting mobile apps and games, with both back-end implementation and front-end technologies like React Native and Flutter.
  • Familiar with several ad formats including push, pop, native, video etc and has experience in running digital ad campaigns at several ad exchanges and platforms.
  • Worked with 20+ ad exchange and 50+ marketing agencies as an ad ops manager, buying and selling large scale ad inventory.
  • Have good knowledge about the most recent developments like Generative AI, Content Marketing and Digital Assets Management. I am capable of developing and implementing full-scale content strategy in any vertical.


Web Design and Development
PhP, MySQL, Laravel
SEO & Content Marketing
SEO & Content Marketing
Google FB Paid Ads & Ad Ops
Social Media 90%
Product Management
Mobile App Development
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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